Accidental Yogi Update

Classes all as ‘normal’ (Online) this week. Come and create your own happiness 🙏🏻 There might be a few of you interested in classes that haven’t been before- perhaps you came to the yoga trail this weekend? 🐾🌳🧘🏻‍♀️🧘🏾‍♂️❤️ 🌱Beginners are always welcome 🌱 Book through the free ‘Gymcatch’ app by looking up ‘Accidental Fitness’ 🤗 (Give me a shout if…

Buxton Market Back Bigger and Better Each Week

🌞🛍️🍐🎉🌶️💞🥗🛒🌞 Buxton market is getting bigger and better every week. 🌞🛍️🍐🎉🌶️💞🥗🛒🌞 And still keeping a safe distance for everyone. 🌞🛍️🍐🎉🌶️💞🥗🛒🌞 It’s a sunny day, come up and have a look! 🌞🛍️🍐🎉🌶️💞🥗🛒🌞   +9